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Sunday, 19 July 2015


Dear blog readers (if there's still any),

I would like to apologize for not writing for the last 7 months, and even before that for not writing so much around here.

I started what we can call university in January, and it has been consuming my time, energy and creativity to write. I am a Culinary Student in Switzerland. I go to this hospitality school that has even more rules than my former high school. We wear uniforms, in university, and they have to super neat at all times, we must wear stalkings, doesn't matter if its 35 degrees outside and its hotter than an oven, we must be properly groomed everyday, wear a name tag, the school scarf and the school pin. It kinda sucks most of the times, but I really wouldn't have it any other way. Its an amazing experience, and what better place to learn about the food industry, that's often linked to the hospitality industry, than an hospitality school? Its just amazing, to the point, that my way to give it back is by being on the student council and doing the best work I can.

The culinary world is amazing, so many things to try, explore, cook and think about. Before coming here, I'd never thought that I would be mesmerized by the vegetable sections on supermarkets, because the peppers look super big, or the tomatoes kinds they have, or just look at different kinds of salts and analyzing them and taking pictures of it. Before I would just have the thought of how big those peppers are, but never actually analyze and enjoy looking at them. I mean, I just realized that the things I talk about the most now is food. I might be on a date or something and start describing all the things I learn or that I want to try. Guess that is what my life is now.

Don't know if anyone could ever relate to this. But there's more about culinary than a kitchen, and that's the direction that I find myself looking at it at the moment, I still want to study and learn as much as I can, I mean, I have so many things that I would like to learn, such as Italian cuisine, more about baking, Thai food, the art of sushi, seafood. So many things.

I am trying to create a new idea of the blog, sure I will still try and talk about make up, because I really enjoy that, but I want to bring this idea of how the culinary world is, specially on a student perspective.

I am having an amazing time in here, meeting people from all over the world, trying new foods, traveling a little, partying, shopping and freaking out over midterms and finals.

Hope you stay tuned to what I will try to bring on the future and my sincere apologies about being MIA.

Is there anything in specific that you would like me to cover about this life?

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  1. Hi Ines, Wow, culinary school in switzerland, I'm so excited for you and jealous at the same time. I used to have family living in Switzerland and its beautiful there. If you are out and about eat something good at Sprungli for me. Take care. Best wishes on your endeavors.