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Sunday, 19 July 2015

Blogger Tricks


Dear blog readers (if there's still any),

I would like to apologize for not writing for the last 7 months, and even before that for not writing so much around here.

I started what we can call university in January, and it has been consuming my time, energy and creativity to write. I am a Culinary Student in Switzerland. I go to this hospitality school that has even more rules than my former high school. We wear uniforms, in university, and they have to super neat at all times, we must wear stalkings, doesn't matter if its 35 degrees outside and its hotter than an oven, we must be properly groomed everyday, wear a name tag, the school scarf and the school pin. It kinda sucks most of the times, but I really wouldn't have it any other way. Its an amazing experience, and what better place to learn about the food industry, that's often linked to the hospitality industry, than an hospitality school? Its just amazing, to the point, that my way to give it back is by being on the student council and doing the best work I can.

The culinary world is amazing, so many things to try, explore, cook and think about. Before coming here, I'd never thought that I would be mesmerized by the vegetable sections on supermarkets, because the peppers look super big, or the tomatoes kinds they have, or just look at different kinds of salts and analyzing them and taking pictures of it. Before I would just have the thought of how big those peppers are, but never actually analyze and enjoy looking at them. I mean, I just realized that the things I talk about the most now is food. I might be on a date or something and start describing all the things I learn or that I want to try. Guess that is what my life is now.

Don't know if anyone could ever relate to this. But there's more about culinary than a kitchen, and that's the direction that I find myself looking at it at the moment, I still want to study and learn as much as I can, I mean, I have so many things that I would like to learn, such as Italian cuisine, more about baking, Thai food, the art of sushi, seafood. So many things.

I am trying to create a new idea of the blog, sure I will still try and talk about make up, because I really enjoy that, but I want to bring this idea of how the culinary world is, specially on a student perspective.

I am having an amazing time in here, meeting people from all over the world, trying new foods, traveling a little, partying, shopping and freaking out over midterms and finals.

Hope you stay tuned to what I will try to bring on the future and my sincere apologies about being MIA.

Is there anything in specific that you would like me to cover about this life?

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Red Velveeeeet cake

Merry Christmas! Hope its not too late! First of all, I am sorry for everyone that has been waiting for any post, but I don't know what happen, its seems like I suddenly got a life, that puts me away from the computer! Whaaaaaaaaaaat? So, I must update you all.

I finished my internship, about a month ago, and then I did make up on Mozambique Fashion Week. It was amaaaazing! I can even imagine myself doing that as life, and now, I am packing to University, it has been insane! I had no idea of the amount of things I have, and clothes! Mamma Mia, how did I complained about having nothing to wear? Anyways. I leave next week, yap, the 1st of January, GO BIG OR GO HOME.

Well, today is Christmas, and like usual, I gotta have some contribution to the table, and this year, besides, roasted chicken with coconut milk, I tried Red Velvet cake, it was one of the best cakes I ever had, it just vanished! I have been wanting to do this for such a long time, and for some reason, I never made it, possibly because I thought it would be freaking hard ( don't ask ) and its even easier than making regular cake, who'd know.

The recipe I used requires this:
*250 g of all purpose flour
*1/2 tsp of salt

*2 tbs of cocoa powder
*120 g of butter
*300 g sugar
*2 large eggs
*1 tsp vanilla extract

*240 ml buttermilk
*2 tbs of red food coloring
*1 tsp baking soda
*1 tsp white vinegar.

If you don't have buttermilk, you can make some, with 240 ml of milk and one tbs of vinegar, join it and let it rest for a while.

First, you mix the flour, cocoa and salt and let it rest, then with the mixer, beat the butter and sugar, and add the eggs, one at a time and beat it, add the vanilla extract.

Then, add the red dye to the butter milk and pour it into the butter mixture, altering with the flour mixture. 

On a small bowl join the baking soda and the vinegar and let it bubble, and then add to the cake batter.

Pour the batter into a cake mold and take it to the oven at 180 degrees cCelsius for about 40 minutes, or until the cake its properly baked.

Now, the best paaaaart! Cream cheese frosting! You'll need:
*230 g of cream cheese at room temperature
*230 g of unsalted butter at room temperature
*1 cup of confectioner's sugar
*1 tsp of vanilla extract.

Start by placing the cream cheese on a mixing bowl and with a rubber spatula soft it, add the butter gradually, and keep beating until smooth and well blended, sift in the confectioner's sugar and continue beating until smooth, and finally add the vanilla and stir to combine.

This part its all about your choice, you can either make many layers of the cake, or cut the cake into layers. I choose baking 3 small layers. So, after that, you start stacking the cake, first layer, cream cheese, second layer, cream cheese and keep going and top it with cream cheese, and you can either make it naked or put the frosting on the sides. Its up to you ;)

As you can see, its a pretty simple cake, no rocket science, just baking passion.

Do try this recipe and let me know how it went.

I do promise to start posting more again, and the blog might change a bit next year.

Have you ever made this cake? What's your secret?

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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Naked Basic


Hello, hello! Long time no post! I just don't know whats going on, I feel like I have all the ideas to post, but when it comes down to get work down, all the ideas just vanish! Maybe I am just too tired from work. Just so you can imagine, this week we had this BIG function for 240 people, so imagine having to do desserts thinking about all of those people, but it all went fine, even though I had to run up and down the stairs like a crazy person, but, oh well, its all in the past.

Olá, olá! Há um tempinho que já não publico nada! De facto, não entendo o que se está a passar, porque tenho imensas ideias de coisas por publicar, mas falta-me aquela motivação de me sentar com o computador e por as mãos à obra. Talvez esteja demasiado cansada, só para terem uma ideia, esta semana houve uma marcação para 240 pessoas, e ter que preparar sobremesas para um número assim tão elevado não é nada facíl, mas correu tudo bem, incluindo o facto de ter que andar a subir e a descer as escadas feita uma louca, mas já passou, então toca a preocupar-me com coisas novas.

Anyho, as we all know, I am a bit obsessed with the Naked line from Urban Decay, and today I come to the realization that I've never posted anything about Naked Basic, which is a basic palette, like the name says. Its very small, it only has 6 shades. You know that kind of shades that you feel that you'll always need, they have, its basically nude colors, and lets face it, NUDE SUITS EVERYONE! so its perfect.

Como todos sabemos eu, gosto demasiado da linha Naked  da Urban Decay, e hoje percebi que nunca publiquei nada sobre Naked Basic, que é uma palete de cores básicas, como o nome diz. É pequena e tem 6 sombras. Sabem quando pensam nas cores mais normais de sombras e vem-vos sempre um certo conjunto de cores à cabeça? É este o caso. São cores nude e vamos ser sérios, nude  dá para TUDO E TODOS! então é perfeita.

The fact that is small means that you can take it with you everywhere, which is practical, and like I just said, it has nude colors, so you can wear it with anything at anytime.

O facto de ser pequena permite que se possa levar para todo o que é bastante prático e como já tinha dito, as cores são neutras, então podem ser usadas a qualquer altura e e com tudo.

This look I created is something pretty simple and I think its better to be used in the office or during the day, because is simple and very basic. Though, if you want, you can make it bold by using more black on the outer corners of your eyes and passing some eye liner on your lower lash line.

O que fiz é algo bastante simples e acho que é algo mais prático para se usar para o trabalho ou durante o dia, até porque é simples e básico. Contudo, se quiser, pode transformar em algo mais forte usando mais preto nos cantos exteriores dos olhos e pondo lápis na linha d'água inferior.

Besides the palette you will need any concealer of your choice, mascara and eye liner.

Além da palete irá precisar de corretor, rímel e delineador à sua escolha.

First, you start by preparing your eyebrows and by applying concealer on your under eyes. Then, put Foxy on your inner corners and push it a tinny bit to the lid,  and after that, put Naked 2 on your entire lid.

Primeiro, comece por preparar as suas sobrancelhas e pondo corretor nas olheiras. Depois, ponha Foxy nos cantos internos e um bocadinho na pálpebra e de seguida ponha  Naked 2 na pálpebra inteira. 

Second, put Faint on your crease and blend it with the shadow on your lid, and finish it with Crave on your outer corner.

Segundo, ponha Faint no côncavo e misture com a sombra da pálpebra e para terminar, ponha Crave nos cantos externos do olho.

Third, make a line with black eye liner (any kind of your choice) line your lash line, and finish it however you want, I mean, you can do a cat eyes with it, or anything else, and because make up is never complete without mascara, put a good amount of mascara on your top and bottom lashes.

Terceiro, com o delineador preto faça uma linha por cima da linha das pestanas e acabe como quiser, pode fazer um  cat eye ou outra coisa qualquer. E como nenhuma maquilhagem está completa sem rímel, ponha uma boa quantidade de rímel tanto nas pestanas superiores como nas inferiores.

You can pair this eye make up with a nude lipstick or gloss or something bold according to your preferences. You don't also have to use this specific palette to achieve this look, my only recommendation is to use similar shades.

Pode combinar esta maquilhagem com um batom ou gloss neutro ou algo mais forte de acordo com as suas preferências. Também não precisa de usar esta palete especificamente para conseguir re-criar esta maquilhagem, use só cores semelhantes.

And just to you know, UD also launched the Naked Basic 2. Which has taupe shades

Para que saibam, a UD também já tem a venda a Naked Basic 2, que contém tons taupes. 

And really GOOD news, Urban Decay will be launching 'The Vault', which contains the 3 famous palettes, Naked, Naked 2 and Naked 3, 3 Naked Flushed palettes - Naked, Native and Streak, along with 3 24/7 Glide on Double Ended Eye Pencils and 3 shades of Naked Ultra Nourishing Lipgloss, Nooner, Rule 34 and Streak. It all costs 280$ USD and its limited edition. I do think its that expensive, because the price of all of it together is 390 USD.

E para terminar, ÓTIMAS noticias. A Urban Decay vai lançar O Vault, que contém as 3 famosas paletes, Naked, Naked 2 e Naked 3, 3 paletes de Naked Flushed - Naked, Native  e  Streak, juntamente com 3 24/7 Glide on Double Ended Eye Pencils e 3 cores de Naked Ultra Nourishing Lipgloss  nas cores  Noover, Rule 34 e Streak. O preço é de 280 USD e é uma edição limitada. Não achei muito caro porque o preço de todos os produtossão 390 USD.

 Do you also have this palette? What do you think about it?

Também tem esta palete? O que acha dela?

You can now find me on instagram - ineeesmv ;)

Podem também encontrar-me no instagram - ineeesmv ;)

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Top Mascaras


Hey there! I've been the worst blogger on earth. Gosh, I have been so busy and soooooo tired with work that I don't even have inspiration to update my page, though things are about to change. I used my days off to prepare a few things to the blog.

Olá à todos! Tenho sido a pior blogger  de sempre! Tenho estado supeeeeer ocupada com o estágio que nem sequer tenho inspiração ou forças para atualizar a minha página, contudo as coisas estão prestes a mudar, tenho estado a usar as minhas folgas para preparar publicações.

I am pretty sure that most of the people that do read my blog are aware that I LOVE mascaras, so I did my best to come with my FAVORITE mascaras, trust me, it was really hard to do it, but I succeed it, and there isn't any specific order on the alignment. I've talked about some of these mascaras before, and some are news to the blog. I'd also like to say that I do truly recommend these mascaras, I am very happy with the results, of course that at the beginning I wasn't that thrilled with the result, but its all a matter of time to the formula reach a certain point and work really well on your lashes.

Tenho quase a certeza de que todos que lêem o meu blog sabem que eu ADORO rimeis, por isso fiz o meu melhor para criar uma lista dos meus rimeis PREFERIDOS, acreditem, foi muito difícil, mas consegui chegar a um consenso, mas não há nenhuma ordem especifica de preferência. Já falei de muitos destes rimeis antes e alguns devem ser novidade no blog. Gostaria também de dizer que eu recomendo estes rimeis e estou muito contente com os resultados, claro que muitas vezes logo ao inicio não houve aquele amor instantâneo, mas com o tempo a fórmula chega ao seu ponto ótimo e é uma maravilha nas pestanas.

As you can see, my lashes are normal, not short and not looooong ( as I wish ), and they are naturally curled, so I don't even need an eye lash curler, which is amazing for me. Because I LOVE super long lashes, I always do my best to get them looking the best. What I love about mascara is that it gives that certain pop that your eyes and face need. I mean, full and long lashes look gorgeous, but of course its not only gorgeous lashes with no care, it's very important that one must take care of the lashes in order for them to be healthy. Its very important to always remove the make up, and since the eyes are very sensitive, its advised to use for eye make up remover,  and do it gently and in circular moves; its also recommend to apply some castor, olive and coconut oil or vaseline on the lashes to improve the growth and avoid them falling and loosing strength. Another thing quite important is to prime your lashes. Primers are specially formulated to condition and prepare your lashes with a right ingredients, such as panthenol that strenghtens and make lashes more durable.

Como podem ver, as minhas pestanas tem um tamanho normal, não são muito curtas nem muito compridas ( como eu desejaria ), e elas são naturalmente curvadas, o que é fantástico porque não preciso de usar o curvex. Porque ADORO pestanas super longas, eu sempre dou o meu melhor para que elas tenham o resultado por mim desejado.  O que eu adoro no rimel, é que dá aquele 'pop'  que a face e os olhos precisam. Com isto quero dizer que pestanas longas e volumosas são um mimo, mas obviamente que isso só acontece com pestanas cuidadas. É bastante importante remover sempre a maquilhagem, e pelo simples facto dos olhos serem bastante sensíveis, é recomendado que use for eye make remover, e faça-o cuidadosamente em movimentos circulares, também é bastante recomendado hidratar as pestanas, como por exemplo óleo de rícino, coco ou então de oliveira e vaselina também para evitar que as pestanas caíam ou que percam a sua força. Outra coisa que é bastante importante é usar primer nas pestanas. Os primers são criados com fórmulas especiais para hidratar e preparar as pestanas, usando ingredientes próprios, como por exemplo o  panthenol, que fortifica e faz as pestanas serem mais duradouras.

First is one of the best mascaras ever, The Falsies, first, I've to admit that I have the WHOLE collection of it, but the 'Main' one is still the best. To be honest, this mascara can be quite hard to get the goal you actually want, well, I am pretty sure all of them are like that. In order to achieve this look you will have to be very meticulous. Because of the shape of the wand, being curve its recommended to start with the inner part and then use the curve part. Always start with the tips of your lashes, do 2 coats, and then with the third coat, start by the roots and pass it through all the lashes in order to elongate and separate them. Make sure that you blink with the wand while putting on the mascara, and to finish it and separate properly the lashes, use the curve part of the wand.

 Primeiro é um dos melhores rímeis de sempre, The Falsies. Primeiro tenho que admitir que a minha obsessão com está linha da Maybelline é tão grande que tenho a coleção completa, mas a 'Principal' de longe é a melhor. Para ser sincera, tenho que admitir que com este rimel atingir o verdadeiro resultado pretendido pode ser um bocado difícil, mas é uma questão de prática, mas creio eu q isso acontece com quase todos rimeis. Para  alcançar o efeito desejado há necessidade de se ser bastante meticuloso. Porque a vara é curva é recomendado começar pela parta interna e depois a parte cuva. Comece sempre pela ponta das pestanas e faça 2 camadas e depois com a terceira camada comece pela raiz das pestanas e passe por todo comprimento das pestanas, com objetivo de alonga-las e separa-las. Ao passar o rímel feche os olhos com a vara a colocar o rímel, e para terminar e separar as pestanas use a parte externa da da vara.

My second favorite, is the L'oreal Fake Lashes Wings, Butterfly Effect. This mascara has a really strange wand, its like a comb with some bristles on the other side of it,  but it does wonders. At first, I didn't thought I'd like a L'oreal product because I just don't feel the vibe with it like I feel with some other brands, anyho. I have to say that is one of the best mascaras I've EVER used, it gives great definition, volume and really long lashes, and I do love my lashes very long, with loads of volume and very well separated, so its a LOVE relation with it. I really do recommend this mascara.

O segundo rímel na lista é da L'oreal - Fake Lashes Wings, Butterfly Effect. Este rimel tem uma vara muito estranha. é uma espécie de pente, mas com cerdas do outro lado, mas faz maravilhas.Desde sempre tive uma certa relutância em relação aos produtos da L'oreal, não sei porque, mas nunca senti aquela vibe com esta marca como sinto com as outras. de qualquer das formas, tenho que dizer que é um dos melhores rimeis que já usei, dá uma boa definição, volume e pestanas bastante longas, e como adoro as minhas pestanas longuíssimas , super volumosas e bem separadas, é uma relação de muito AMOR com este rímel. Considerem-no uma grande recomendação a seguir.

My third one on the list, is the Benefit They're Real! I looooooooooooove this mascara. It also has an unusual wand, first, is plastic, second is round with a lot of tiny bristles all over it and third it has a little circle with more bristles on the end. I swear that with just one coat your lashes look amazing! I do believe that this is a good mascara to splurge on it. The result is always amazing, which means, LOOOOOONG, VOLUMINOUS AND GORGEOUS lashes. I should say that the trick with this mascara is to give about two meticulous coats with it, always starting on the tip of the lashes and blinking and then the thrid coat starting from the root, and ALWAYS use the tip to reach those tinny lashes on the corner of the eyes that you normaly can't reach.

O terceiro rímel na lista é o They're Real da Benefit. Eu adooooooooooooro este rímel. Também tem uma vara pouco comum, primeiro é plástica, segundo é comprida e ao mesmo tempo é cilíndrica ( entendem, certo? ) com um monte de cerdas pequenas em todo seu comprimento, e terceiro, na ponta tem uma bolinha de certas - o famoso Ouriço. Garanto que só em uma camada as pestanas mudam completamente o seu olhar! Acredito que este É o rímel para se gastar. O resultado é sempre surpreendente, o que significa pestanas lindas, longas e volumosas. Digo que o truque deste rímel é pelo menos 2 camadas bem cuidadosas, sempre começando pela ponta das pestanas e piscando a medida que vai se passando a vara e a terceira camada começando pela raiz e passando por todo seu comprimento, e use a ponta para alcançar as pestanas dos cantos dos olhos que geralmente são bem mais complicadas de alcançar.

Forth mascara is, the Clinique High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara, ( that I've talked about before ). My story with this mascara is that while traveling on some airport, I decided to try it on and I loved the result so I thought that I'd get it on a store on my destiny, but unfortunately the stand I went to didn't had the mascara, so when I went through the same airport I didn't hesitate on taking it with me, and I have to admit it that I used it right away. This mascara also has a plastic wand and loads and loads of tiny bristles that help to elongate and separate the lashes. Its super amazing, I wouldn't hesitate on buying it again.

O quarto rímel é da Clinique , High Impact Extreme Volum Mascara ( já falei antes ). A minha história com este rímel foi que no meio de uma viagem em um aeroporto onde estava em trânsito decidi experimentar e adorei o resultado,e pensei em comprar quando chega-se ao meu destino, mas infelizmente a loja a que fui não o tinha, então quando passei pelo mesmo aeroporto, LOGO que cheguei fui a correr até ao stand da Clinique e comprei, nem pensei 2 vezes, e tenho que admitir que usei logo logo. Este rímel também tem a vara plástica com um monte de cerdas pequeninas e espalhadas em todo seu comprimento, que tem como objetivo separar e alongar as pestanas, e garanto que só com uma camada as pestanas ficam algo de outro mundo. Realmente não hesitaria em compra-la de novo.

And, finally last, but not least is the Mac In Extreme Dimension Lash. I was deciding on which mascara to take and the description that the lady gave me, according to my lashes, made me an 100 % sure that this was the mascara to take. It has a round, but yet thin plastic wand with a lot of tinny tinny bristles. I swear, you don't even have to try, just pass it through your lashes, and 'BAM!' instant amazing gorgeous lashes.

Finalmente, em último lugarm mas não menos importante, é o rímel da Mac - In Extreme Dimension Lash. Estava a decidir-me que rímel levar, e a descrição que a senhora da loja deu-me considerando as minhas pestanas, fez-me ter 100% de certeza que este era o rímel para mim. Tem uma vara plástica, cilíndrica com muitas cerdas espalhadas pelo seu comprimento e fica sempre com um bico na ponta. Garanto que nem é preciso muito esforço com este rímel, ele é tão bom, que só ao passa-lo 'BAM'! pestanas longas e fantásticas instantaneamente.

As I mentioned before, I do love my lashes looking the best, having that Falsies but yet natural look, and in order to achieve that look, all you have to do, is know your lashes and take care of them. Before going to bed, apply some oil on them, always remove your make up, eat healthy, drink water, and they will look amazing.

Como já tinha mencionado antes, adoro ter as minhas pestanas no seu melhor, com aquele aspeto de Falsies mas sempre com um aspeto natural, e para se conseguir alcançar este resultado, precisa de conhecer as suas pestanas e cuidar delas. Antes de dormir ponha um bocado de óleo nelas, remova sempre a sua maquilhagem, coma saudavelmente e beba bastante água, e elas estarão sempre magnificas. 

Have you tried any of these mascaras? What was your opinion on them? Can you list your Top Mascaras?

Já usou algum destes rimeis? Qual é a sua opnião? Consegue fazer a lista dos seus rimeis preferidos?

Friday, 25 July 2014

The joys of a 'To be' Chef - 25.07.14

Well, before I start this new thing on the blog, I should explain everything.

Like I mentioned before, I failed a subject on my last year of school - the big year, the one that you have to make the REAL decisions for your future. And by the end of the term, and before exams, I have decided to do International Relations, but I felt like I wasn't so sure about it, and since I was going to do Foundation, I felt like I still had another year to decide, and in fact I had another year to decide, because I failed an exam. At the beginning it was really bad, I now realize that I was quite depressed, I just wouldn't leave home, unless I really had to, I kinda stopped talking with some people and I become not my usual self, like someone that was always judging the others.

But luckily things changed for me, I became friends of people that I never thought I'd be and I began to worry about more important things, such as my future and my career. And one day I saw an ad  on the newspapers about a group of hospitality school, that was going to have a presentation in town and I went there, and  I LOVED everything about the school. And I realized what I wanted to do, Culinary Arts.

Which leads to this post. Since my big decision, I did everything to convince my parents about the course, to conclude 12th grade, to achieve good grades, and most of all, to became a better person, and I managed to do it all. Because I had a long waiting period of wait before I go t o university I decided to do an internship, to learn more and occupy my time. I am currently at Radisson Blu, working on the kitchen. It has been about a month, and I am loving it. Of course is quite a stressing job, a bit hard and has some things that really suck. E.G : STANDING FOR ABOUT 8 HOURS PER DAY! I only felt the pain like 3/4 days after the first day.

Of course I am not either a professional cooker nor a chef, but I feel so powerful in that kitchen, like I have the power about what you're going to eat! I DECIDE HOW ARE YOU GOING TO EAT! But at the same time is very comforting knowing that others are enjoying something that you did or helped doing it.  And that the joy of hospitality.

Today, as soon as I got there, my current supervisor told me that I had to do some salads for the buffet. I was so nervous at the beginning, because I had nothing to do and there wasn't a thing going through my mind, but then I had an idea and she told me that there was already some pasta cooked. I did 2 salads.

Salad Number One : Penne, cheddar cheese and cherry tomatoes.
 For this salad, you will need to boil a certain amount of penne - you can use another kind of pasta - cut the cheese in cubes and the tomatoes in half and then roast them for a tinny bit.
As soon as everything is done, you mix them together. I made a sauce using olive oil, salt, pepper a tinny bit of Dijon mustard and 1 lemon juice and I mixed it all together. I putted some chopped parsley on top.

Salad Number Two : Green beans, cherry tomatoes and chicken breasts cut in stripes.
 First, you will need to cut the tomatoes in half as well, cut the tips of the beans and cut the chicken into stripes. Then, you boil or steam the green beans with some salt and garlic and while you're doing that, season the chicken stripes with salt, pepper and chopped garlic. When the greens are done, sauté them with some garlic and then sauté the chicken too. Season the tomato with olive oil, salt and pepper and roast it for another tinny bit. As soon as everything is done, mix everything together and season it with some olive oil and vinegar. I personally like this specific salad a bit sharp - as in with a good portion of vinegar.

After the salads being done and doing the same usual, the executive chef put me in charge of doing some special plates. Which consisted on pita crisps with a tomato on top of a small amount of basil pesto and a funky stripe of balsamic vinegar reduction. I did it. And everyone seemed to like my work, I even got some compliments. That felt a bit like a reward, which felt great.

I love the fact that they ( the REAL kitchen crew/staff ) trust me with quite big things. I mean, cooking for someone is already a responsibility, imagine cooking for a full house? Or for someone important.

But the most important thing about it, is that I am really loving what I am doing, I feel like I am doing it with my true heart, in such a way that I've been complimented on that.

First month is done, let's see how the next 4 months go! Fingers crossed.
  - p.s : sorry for the lack of photos and the bad quality of this one, I still haven't had the time to get a new charger.

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Eye Make Up - Gold Digger


Hey you all. It has being impossible to post, I have been so tired lately because of my internship, that I don't have the time to write, but I am doing my best by using my days off. This week wasn't so bad, worked on a Sunday, which isn't that bad, since there was not much to do, I've also started to do more things on my own, which shows that they are starting to trust me even more.

Olá à todos. Tem sido impossivel publicar alguma coisa, tenho estado cansada do meu estágio, que nem tempo tenho para por aqui alguma coisinha, mas faço o meu melhor para aproveitar os meus dias de folga. Esta semana não foi tão má, trabalhei no domingo, que também não foi mau, até porque não havia muito trabalho, e também já começo a fazer mais coisas sozinha, o que mostra que estão a confiar cada vez mais em mim.

Well, let's get down to business. Like I've mentioned before I am not a fan of colorful make up, but some ideas are not so bad, and I do actually consider wearing, though, not for a daily occasion, more like to a night out or something like that.

Bem, vamos lá por os pontos nos 'is'. Como já disse várias vezes, não sou muito apologista de maquilhagens bastante coloridas, mas há algumas ideias que não são más e realmente considero usar, contudo não numa situação do dia-a-dia, mas sim numa saída à noite ou algo assim.

So, this look is very simple to be done. I actually believe that the key to the best make up is to blend properly. For this make up you'll need gold, blue and black eye shadow, mascara or fake lashes, according to your choice, and eye liner.

Esta maquilhagem é bastante simples de ser feita. Acredito que o truque para uma maquilhagem nos olhos bem feita é misturar bem as sombras. Para este look irá precisar de sombra dourada, azul e preta, rímel ou pestanas falsas,de acordo com as suas preferências e delineador.

First, you apply gold eye shadow on the inner lid, and then apply the blue shadow on the mid lid and blend properly the color, and then apply black on the outer 'v' of the eye lid, and blend with the blue. The hard part is done!

Primeiro, começa-se por por a sombra dourada na parte interior da pálpebra, depois ponha a sombra azul no centro das pálpebras e misture devidamente com o dourado, e por fim ponha a sombra preta no canto externo do olho e misture com o azul. A parte mais difícil já está!

Then, you apply a thick line of black eye liner, your choice of kind, I do prefer liquid one, on the upper lash line, and then on the water line, I find it better to use a eye khol on this area,  and the lower lash line, to create a bold effect. To finish the look all you need is mascara to make a more dramatic eye look.

Depois do jogo das sombras, faça uma linha grossa com o delineador preto, da sua preferência, eu pessoalmente prefiro líquido, na sua linha de pestanas superior, na linha d'água, nesta parte seria melhor usar lápis preto, e na linha de pestanas inferior para criar um efeito mais forte. E para terminar, uma boa camada de rímel para dar o toque final. 

Because you're using blue, that is a bold color, I advice you to match with a nude or light pink or beige lipstick and with a soft blush. You can also change the blue color for another one or change the gold to silver.

Visto que está a usar azul, que é uma cor forte, aconselho a usar um batom nude ou um rosa claro ou bege e um blush claro. Pode também em vez de usar azul, usar outra cor, e também me vez de dourado pode usar o prateado.

I hope you like it and do give it a try.

Espero que gostem e que experimentem.

If you have any questions or tips feel free to live a comment

Se tem alguma dúvida ou dica deixem nos comentários.
xx xx

Saturday, 12 July 2014

June's Favorite

It's that time of the month again! The monthly favorites. Sorry for the lack of pictures on the products being used on me, its just that my camera charger broke :( and I can't use the camera with no battery.

Chegou aquela altura do mês outra vez! Os favoritos do mês. Imensas desculpas por não ter fotos minhas com os produtos, é que o carregador da minha camera foi-se :( e não tenho como usa-la sem bateria. 

I started my internship on the previous week and it has been amazing, except for the fact that I have to stand the whole day doing things, like going back and forth, cutting veggies and fruit, lifting and trying to grab things that are way to up for me, but I am loving it. I did some plating this week, and I actually felt super happy with myself by the fact that people were eating things that I did or that I helped doing.

Comecei o meu estágio na semana passada e tem sido fantástico, excepto o facto de ter de ficar o dia inteiro em pé a fazer coisas, andar de um lado para o outro, cortar vegetais e fruta, carregar e tentar tirar coisas que estão demasiado em cima para mim, mas estou a gostar. Esta semana fiz empratamentos, e senti-me satisfeita por saber que haviam pessoas a comer coisas que eu fiz e ajudei a preparar.

On the previous month I was super busy with school work and studying for my exams that I barely had time to do things, however, when I had to leave the house or actually put a rest on my studies I did my best to look good, and sometimes I had to run to make up.

No mês passado estive super ocupada com as coisas da escola e a estudar para os exames que mal tive tempo para fazer alguma coisas, contudo, sempre que tive que sair de casa para dar uma pausa nos meus estudos, fiz o meu melhor para estar no meu melhor aspeto, e maquilhagem foi sempre útil.

So my favorite articles on June were :
Os meu artigos favoritos de Junho foram :

Maybelline Baby Lips - Cherry Me
*Maybelline Volum'Express Colossal Mascara
*Maybelline Dream Matte Foundation
*Urban Decay Naked Basics
*Nivea Daily Essentials Shine Control Moisturizer
*Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation
*Sephora Long Lasting Eyeliner
*L'oreal Paris Miss Manga Mascara

I seriously believe that it's no ancient news that I love Maybelline, mascaras and the Sephora eyeliner.

Acredito que não é novidade alguma que adoro a Maybelline, rimeis e o delineador da Sephora.

The thing about Maybelline, it's that they have a wide range of products on a huge scale of shades, their mascaras are wonderful and its a really cheap brand. So, when I think about Maybelline I think about quality and good prices.

A questão da Maybelline é que tem uma gama variada de produtos com uma vasta variedade de cores e os rimeis são mesmo fantásticos e é uma marca barata. Quando penso na Maybelline ocorre-me qualidade e bons preços.

I've talked about the Baby Lips and the Dream Matte Foundation on February's Favorites. The foundation is very soft, I don't feel like it clogs my pores, it matches my skin perfectly and has great pigmentation, even when I mix with moisturizer and it suits the weather here. Baby Lips lip balms are also wonderful, the formula is amazing, I actually feel my lips softer and it has a soft color that yet makes some kind of statement, and the smell is wonderful. I've also talked about the Colossal Mascara on April's Favorites. When I first tried this mascara I was stupefied with the result, and the first time I bought the mascara was the Asian version - Magnum, and I wasn't that happy with the results, so I did my best to get the legit Colossal and I couldn't be happier. I do recommend it.

Já falei do Baby Lips e da base Dream Matte no February's Favorites. A base é suave, não dá sensação de encher os poros, combina perfeitamente com a minha pele, tem um pigmentação boa, mesmo misturando-a com creme e funciona bem com o clima daqui. Os batons de cieiro da linha Baby Lips também são fantásticos, realmente sinto os meus lábios muito mais suaves, e tem uma cor fabulosa que apesar de ser suave tem impacto, e o cheiro é fantástico. Também já tinha falado do rímel Colossal em April's Favorites. A primeira vez que experimentei este rímel fiquei estupefacta com o resultado, e a primeira vez que comprei este rímel foi a versão asiática, Magnum, e não fiquei tão contente com os resultados, que fiz os possíveis para adquerir a verdadeira Colossal, e quando consegui não podia estar mais contente. Realmente recomendo.

 One of my favorite foundations is the Benefit Hello Flawless. First, is oily free, which suits my skin pretty well, second the color matches exactly my skin color, third it has a great coverage, so is the perfect foundation! I love it, and I actually considerate getting a new one when this is over.

Uma das minhas bases preferidas é a Hello Flawless da Benefit. Primeiro é Oily Free, o que assenta maravilhosamente bem na minha pele, segundo a cor assenta perfeitamente na minha pele e terceiro, tem uma cobertura fantástica, por isso é a base perfeita! Adoro! E realmente considero comprar uma nova assim que esta estiver no fim.

I also think that most of you have realized that when it comes no eye shadows, there's a certain brand that I always stick to it, and its Urban Decay. I seriously love their Naked line. The eye shadows are really pigmented, creamy and the colors blend very well. There's a certain way that I wear the shadows that my friends seem to like it.
What I like about this palette are the colors, they are so neutral, simple and creamy. Which allows you to create different looks for different occasions.

Creio eu que a maior parte de vocês já deve ter reparado que quanto as sombras de olhos não há marca melhor marca que Urban Decay. Realmente adora a linha Naked. As sombras são realmente pigmentadas, cremosas e as cores misturam-se lindamente. Há uma certa maneira que ponho as sombras que as minhas amigas gostam imenso. O que me faz gostar desta palete são as cores, apesar de serem poucas, são tons neutros e simples, o que permite que crie diferentes visuais para ocasiões completamente diferentes.

First you start by applying W.O.S on the inner corner. Then, you apply Naked 2 on the entire lid and the on the outer corner and crease apply Faint. Finish with a line of black eyeliner and a generous coat of mascara.

Começa-se por por W.O.S nos cantos internos. Depois ponha Naked 2 na pálpebra móvel e por fim ponha Faint nos cantos internos e no côncavo.

Usually for my skin care I wear Nivea products, and my face is no exception. A few years ago I started to notice a bit of oiliness, and I started using this moisturizer and I love the results, and since I don't want to cover my face with foundation, I mix the moisturizer with the foundation, which allows me a great coverage, and no oiliness.

Geralmente quanto a minha pele uso produtos da Nivea, e a minha cara não é nenhuma exceção. Há uns anos atrás comecei a ver que a minha pele estava ligeiramente oleosa e comecei a usar este creme e gostei imenso dos resultado, tanto que até comecei a mistura-lo com a base, o que permite uma cobertura boa sem oleosidade.

My favorite make up product that I have in hands now is the Sephora eyeliner, that I've talked about it so many times, its usually on my month favorites and tutorials. I simply love this eyeliner. I have no words to describe it.

O meu artigo de maquilhagem preferido que possuo neste momento é o delineador da Sephora que já falei imensas vezes, tanto nos meus artigos preferidos como também nos tutoriais. Simplesmente adoro este delineador e não tenho palavras para descrever.

And last, but not last is one of my new mascaras, Miss Manga. At first, I wasn't interested, but then, I started to read really good reviews about it and got it, and this mascara is wonderful. The wand is flexible and the brush is tapered, which creates a '' Manga Look '' like the anime characters. This mascara has a voluminous formula that will allow you the achieve super long lashes, that will give you the appearance of wider and brighter eyes, kinda like a doll with gorgeous lashes. The wand also allows you to wriggle the when apply the mascara. I actually like this one, had no idea I would have that huge success with a L'oreal mascara.

E por último, um dos meu rímeis preferidos do momento e mais recente, Miss Manga. No inicio não estava muito interessada, mas depois comecei a ver boas criticas sobre este rímel e não resisti. A vara é bastante flexível e a escova é afunilada, o que facilita para criar o visual de ' Manga ' , como as personagens de anime. Este rímel tem o objetivo de dar volume, o que não só permite um aspeto mais volumoso, como também pestanas bastante longas que darão a ilusão de olhos maiores e brancos, mais ou menos como os olhos das bonecas. Realmente gostei deste rímel, não fazia ideia de que me ia dar tão bem com um rímel da L'oreal.

And my favorite show of the previous month is Orphan Black. I started to watch it last year and I just can't stop. This second season, was stunning! The beginning was lame with the Allison drinking problems due to the fact that she killed Aynsley and knowing that Donnie is her monitor, and  Cosima's health problems. Things started to get really cool when the Proletheans get in action, and Sarah and Felix get to know the real Ms. S. The last episode of the season got me wanting for more. Can't believe i will have to wait until next year to watch season 3, and find out the real thing about Project Leda vs Project Castor.

E o meu programa preferido do mês passado, Orphan Black! Comecei a ver no ano passado, quando começou, e não consigo parar. A segunda temporada foi de loucos! Tenho que admitir que o ínicio não foi nada fascinante, pois estavam focados em coisas desnecessárias, como os problemas de bebida da Allison causados por ter assassinado a Aynsley e descobrir que o Donnie é que era o monitor dela, e os problemas de saúde da Cosima. Mas as coisas começaram a mudar quando os Proletarianos entraram em ação, Sarah e o Felix descobriram que  Senhora S não era tão inocente assim. O último episodio deixou-me a querer mais. Não acredito que vou ter que esperar até o proximo ano para saber a verdade do Projeto Leda vs. Projeto Castor.

Have you tried any of these products? Whats your review on them? How about Orphan Black? Have you watch it? Do you like it?

Já experimentou algum destes produtos? Tem alguma critica sobre eles? E Orphan Black, já viu? Gosta?